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This method of underfloor heating directly under a laminate floor allows fast heating of the whole habitable surface and energy-saving maintaining preset temperature as well as quick and easy regulation.

Practical Solution

Underfloor heating is installed directly under a laminate floor. Since the heating foil in comparison to other heating systems is placed directly under the covering layer (floating floor), the operation is more economical. Due to the fact that the heating film must not overheat thick layer of concrete, the efficiency is approaching 99%. Heat is transferred directly from the heating film to the floor surface. In this way is heating foil overheating whole area in short time and provide pleasantly warm floor. Simple assembly method and the materials used allow the installation of the entire heating system in a very short time.

Placement of the heating film under floating floor

  1. Floating floor
  2. Moisture barrier foil 0.2mm
  3. Heating film Heat Decor
  4. Heat-insulating pad
  5. Moisture barrier foil 0.2mm
  6. Concrete floor

Wiring diagram of the heating film

  1. Heating film
  2. Power to the heating film
  3. Floor temperature sensor
  4. Thermostat
  5. Power of whole installation

Heating film and energy saving

Solution when heating film is installed directly below the floating floor is characterized by low losses as generated thermal energy is directly transferred to the surface of the floor. The heating system is fully automated by means of thermostats, which helps to control the maximum temperature of the floor and the temperature in the heated space. Regulation prevents unnecessary overheating of the room and loss of energy. Thanks to the programmable thermostat the system can lower the temperature at a time when no one is at home and adjust to more comfortable temperatures during the evening, after returning from work.

Thermal Comfort

HeatDecor heating film is technologically advanced product that meets all the requirements for simple functionality and practicality. With an ultra thin carbon heating film can be in your home, apartment or office eqipped by modern and environmentally friendly way of heating. Control is almost instantaneous and the entire system is fully automated so there is no need to worry about anything. HeatDecor film operates on the basis of the infrared radiation that positively stimulates the function of the human body. In addition, there is no undesired circulation of hot air and dust, which is particularly appreciated by allergy sufferers. Infra red heat is warming up directly all objects, walls, which has a positive effect and works and antifungal. Infra red heating film utilizes air as transport medium so there is no unnecessary losses in the heating process.

The heating film and operating costs

Monthly bill for this type of heating depends much on the overall thermal insulation of buildings, the materials used, the windows, and so on. In older buildings, or worse insulated places can increase costs.

To minimize costs, it is possible to combine floor heating with ceramic infra panels. The film is placed under the floor just on walking paths so you can feel comfortably warm floors and for walls can be used ceramic infra panels.

Advantages of underfloor heating with infrared heating film HeatDecor

  • rapid warm up effect, low energy losses
  • quick and easy regulation of the temperature at various times
  • uniform distribution of heat in the heated space
  • selective heating for specific areas
  • easy installation under the floating floor
  • the possibility of installing underfloor heating under any floating floor
  • low installation costs compared to other system
  • maintenance-free and trouble-free

Heat Decor heating film is technologically advanced and economical product meeting all the requirements for modern heating systems. The production is in Korea and meets all international standards applicable in the EU

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