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Floor heating with HeatDecor heating film drenched in anhydride screeding creates accumulation type of heating. Its the perfect way how to combine good temperature parameters of both technologies.

Practical Solution

Underflor heating technology with HeatDecor film drenched in anhydrite screeding, is realized by embedding the film into anhydrite self-leveling screeds. First, install HeatDecor heating fim and after checking whole system, it can be are drenched in anhydrite. For such prepared surface can be used any type of floor covering. With great thermal conductivity characteristics and accumulation property, the heat generated by the heating foil is quickly emitted into the surface and heats the floor as well as the entire space. Self-leveling properties ensure that the surface is smooth and you can place onto it right floor covering, which saves time and materials used. Anhydrite screed allows to create large heating surfaces up to 800 m2 without performing dilatation in screed thickness of 4 cm. This technology allows to continue further construction work cca 3 days after the implementation of the screed. After 7 days, you can turn on the underfloor heating system. Floor heating with Heat Decor heating film is ideal combination of thermal conductivity and anhydrite mechanical parameters of the floor.

Wiring diagram of the heating film

  1. Heating film
  2. Power to the heating film
  3. Floor temperature sensor
  4. Thermostat
  5. Power of whole installation

Energy saving

The combination of heating film with anhydrite screed creates an accumulation type of heating, with the result that the heat is transferred into the room in long term. The heating system is fully automated with use of electronic programmable thermostat which significantly contributes to saving energy. Thanks to the programmable thermostat is possible to limit the maximum floor temperature as well as to regulate the temperature in the rooms. In case of ceramic or stone floor is level of heat accumulation significantly higher and the accumulated heat is longer time emitted into the room.

Thermal Comfort

HeatDecor heating film is technologically advanced product that meets all the requirements for simple functionality and practicality. With an ultra thin carbon heating film can be in your home, apartment or office eqipped by modern and environmentally friendly way of heating. Control is almost instantaneous and the entire system is fully automated so there is no need to worry about anything. HeatDecor film operates on the basis of the infrared radiation that positively stimulates the function of the human body. In addition, there is no undesired circulation of hot air and dust, which is particularly appreciated by allergy sufferers. Infra red heat is warming up directly all objects, walls, which has a positive effect and works and antifungal. Infra red heating film utilizes air as transport medium so there is no unnecessary losses in the heating process.

The heating film and operating costs

Monthly bill for this type of heating depends much on the overall thermal insulation of buildings, the materials used, the windows, and so on. In older buildings, or worse insulated places can increase costs.

To minimize costs, it is possible to combine floor heating with ceramic infra panels. The film is placed under the floor just on walking paths so you can feel comfortably warm floors and for walls can be used ceramic infra panels.

Advantages of underfloor heating with infrared heating film HeatDecor

  • Rapid warm up effect, low energy losses
  • accumulation of the energy
  • quick and easy regulation of the temperature at various times
  • uniform distribution of heat in the heated space
  • selective heating for specific areas
  • easy installation
  • the possibility of installing underfloor heating under any kind of floor
  • low installation costs compared to other system
  • maintenance-free and trouble-free

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