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Heat Decor heating film is the cutting edge far infrared surface phase heating element which is spread by carbon heating element on the base film of the insulation and the anti-flammable material. Copper electrode is used for electricity supply.

In contrast to conventional heaters, in this case, you can feel warm like sunshine, due to far infrared radiation emitted. Thanks to the technology used, heating foil can be used semi-permanently, thanks to outer PET material, special waterproof resistivity and minimizing the amount of air inside the film during applying the carbon layer.

Heating film properties and its quality is based on the quality of dispersion technology, which ensures proper distribution of nano-particles on the film. Significant influence has the viscosity and resistance of used carbon and silver necessary for good bonding with the copper bus.

Carbon stripes are printed on the film with an accuracy of 1 micron. Film itself is made from materials which can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees C.

Construction of the heating film

The heating film is made by the highest standards and quality. It has all the required security certificates and it meets international standards.


It’s the basic heating material of the heating film, made in nanotechnology. It’s a compound of fine-grained atoms (size 1-500 micrometers), which main components are carbon and graphite. The proportions of the compound of carbon paste influence the heating power of the heating film.


The material which works as the electrical power conductor


Artificial material made of Polyethylene terephthalate. It has the functions of:

- protection from mechanical damages

- fire protection, high thermic resistance

- high barrier ( vapor and gas infiltration resistance)

- component allowing the connection of the heating film in one piece


Used as component which allows the connection of all the elements of the heating film.


It has the function of connecting the copper foil booth bar to the carbon.

Technological Advantages:

  • Spreading high density of carbon particle
  • Preventing spark on carbon surface by design of specialized silver booth bar
  • World best insulated anti flammable film used
  • Special wateproof treatment
  • Laminex insulation film used

Heat Decor film minimizes the risk of arcing between carbon elements and copper bus. Most cases of unwanted arcing is caused by air layer between the film and the bus. Therefore it is important that technology of lamination removes unwanted air.

Properties of Heat Decor heating film

30% savings against conventional electrical heating and 60% savings against solid fuels

Heat Decor heating film helps to save energy through thanks to far infrared radiation as in such a way the heat is spread equally on the entire floor area. The heat exchange is very effective too.


This is heating method without a flame. No concerns for accident, zero CO2 emission and the heating system is safe for kids or old people.


The simplicity and quick way of installation saves time and costs. The foil is simply placed under the floating floor, in the case of upgrading and cost savings can be the heating film placed on the existing floor, and only covered with a new floor. This saves the cost of insulation.

Quiet and clean solution

Heating film is easy to operate, makes no noise, does not produce any vibrations or fumes into the air. The actual installation of the floor is clean and dry process that allows installation of the heating system during one - two days. Also, the whole system is frost free and there is no danger like in case of a water heater. Heating is warming up within a few minutes.

Use of the heating film

  • Hotels, motels, schools and the like
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Boarding houses, bungalows and seasonal cottages
  • Balconies, apartments, etc.

In all cases the advantage is saving space, since there is no need for utility room and film itself is incorporated into the floor. The low weight and thickness is practically usable everywhere. Control is available in each room separately using wireless solutions.

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