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The sun is an enormous reservoir of energy. This does not mean that all this energy is good for the human body. Without sunlight on Earth there would be no life. On the other hand, excessive amounts of sunray is damaging our skin. Exactly for this reason is recommended therapy by infrared radiation. This type of therapy in fact delivers all the benefits of natural sunlight without any of the negative aspects.

The infrared light is not ultraviolet light. Infrared energy penetrates approximately 4 cm deep below the skin. Thus improving blood circulation and also nourishes damaged cells. Energy that reaches planet earth through solar radiation is transported by electromagnetic radiation. This can be divided into several wavelengths.

Electomagnetic waves consist from whole spectrum:


IR A: Near infrared rays
IR-B: Mid infrared rays
IR-C: Far infrared rays

All the heat that our body can feel, is transported through infrared rays, whether it is the heat from the stove, light bulbs or body heat of another person. Infrared therapy has very deep roots. Because it was known already three thousand years ago in ancient China. Specifically, it was a treat shoveling hands on the body. Every human body does emit infrared radiation with a wavelength of 300-5000 nm (precisely on this principle is based the functioning of the so-called infrared googles that allow vision in the dark).

Our palms emit about 800 to 1400 nm. Treatment by stoking palm is already known by Indian yogis. This kind of treatment was mainly used for pain and eye fatigue. Over the past 25 years, worldwide research discovered a number of benefits of infrared therapy, particularly in Japan and China. Japan has in this area great merit. There was established association composed of highly qualified professionals from various fields of medicine. This team is called "Japan Society of Infrared Science and Technology" and exclusively deals with this issue. Their research confirms the beneficial effects of infrared therapy in many health problems.

Health benefits of infrared rays:

  • Improves the immune system
  • Increase strength and vitality of the body
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Help maintain blood pressure
  • Refill energy and relieves stress
  • relieve pain (joints, muscular arthritis)
  • relax muscles, improve flexibility

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