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Design product - infrared ceramics heating panels, providing warm feeling and comfort. Can be used as main heating source or additional heating for public places, offices, cottages etc. Effective and economic infrared heaters have positive influence on health.


Infra red heating is one of the healthiest and most modern method of heating, which uses a similar thermal properties as the sun itself. Infra red rays directly heat people, walls and objects, and then the air is heated from them. In traditional radiator heating it leads to heating and drying the air. Warm air flows up and first heats the top of the room and then low-lying objects, people and so on.

  • Infra panels have an efficiency of 98%, an average energy saving is 30%
  • Infra heating does not cause dust dispersion
  • It creates a healthy environment, destroys bacteria
  • Ensures uniform temperature in whole room
  • Clean, noiseless, maintenance-free operation and space-saving
  • Easy control and operation with thermostats
  • Easy installation, no need to rework the floor or walls
  • 5-year warranty

When using infra red heating, the air temperature is usually lower by 3-4 ° C, as in a room with traditional heating it to achieve a comparable feeling of warmth. Lowering the air temperature by 1 ° C can save up to 5-6% of energy.


Simple and safe mounting with steel brackets with children security lock. The holder is screwed directly into the wall with the help of anchors and four screws. Assembly instructions, instructions for use and the holder with screws included in the package, together with the panel.


Infra panels have simple and minimalistic design, what makes it easy to incorporate them into various types of interiors.

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