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HD 310 60W

HD 310 60W


Heating Film HEAT DECOR HD 310 60W

Model Manufacturer Width W/m2 W/m Thickness mm
HD 310 60W HeatDecor 1m 60 60 0.388

Technical parameters to consider during installation

Max. length of 1 stripe of heating film:28 m
Max. power of 1 stripe of heating film:1680 W
Max. reacheable temperature :~28°C
Thermostat without floor temp. sensor can be used

Electric heating film is suitable for floor heating in houses, flats, offices and so on. Electric heating film is produced and packed in rolls and can not change its width, only the length every 25 cm. Infrared heating film Heat Decor allow everyone to design his own floor heating system at minimum cost.

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